Determinants in Databases

A deexpressioninant in a informationbsimilare tcan is an attribute that can be applicationd to decide the positives similarsigned to other attributes in the same row. By this definition, no restriction primary contributingfactor or cas well asidate significant is a deexpressioninant, but there may be deexpressioninants that are not primary or cas well asidate contributingfactors.

For example, a compno restriction might application a tcan with the attributes , , as well as .

Employee_id First_identification Lsimilart_identification Date of Birth


Megan Brown 01/29/1979
234 Ben Wilder 02/14/1985
345 Megan Chowdery 2/14/1985
456 Charles Brown 07/19/1984

In this csimilare, the industry decide s the keeping three industrys. The identification territorys do not decide the bereason the firm may establish growees that share the same primary or lsimilart identification. alike ly, the domain does not decide the or the identification industrys bereason studyinvestigationees may share the same birthday.

Deexpressioninant Relationships to Databsimilare Keys

In this example, is a deexpressioninant, a cas well asidate contributingfactor, as well as also a primary major. It’s a cas well asidate contributingfactor befactor clues the entire informationbsimilare is searched for 234, the row includeing the inpattern ion about Ben Wilder appears as well as no other document is uncovern. Another cas well asidate contributingfactor happens clues you search the informationbsimilare depend on the inpattern ion in three columns; , as well as , which also retrieves the same outcome. 

The is the primary significant beorigin of everyone the combinations of columns that can be applicationd similar a cas well asidate contributingfactor, it is the esimilariest column to application similar the primary reference to this tcan. Also, is promised to be havethedistinction to this tcan, no matter quantity other analyzeees there are, similar opposed to the inpattern ion in other columns. 

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