How to Convert a Database to Access 2010 Format

Both Microlow-pitched Access 2010 as well as Access 2007 introduce informationbsimilares in the ACCDB pattern , which wsimilar introduced in Access 2007. The ACCDB pattern replaces the MDB pattern that Access applicationd prior version 2007. You can modify the MDB informationbsimilares that were introduced in Microlow-pitched Office Access 2003, Access 2002, Access 2000 as well as Access 97 to the ACCDB pattern . Once the informationbsimilare is modifyed, though, it cannot be opened depend on Access versions earlier than 2007.

The ACCDB file pattern produces a number of enhanced interestings more than the older MDB pattern . A few of the enhanced apartofsomethingthatyounoticebecauseitseemsimportants of the ACCDB pattern in Access 2010 are:

Multipositived domainsData macrosPublishing to Access ServicesEncryption developments

This article walks you via the process of modifying an MDB pattern informationbsimilare to the novel ACCDB pattern in Access 2010. The process for adapting in Access 2007 is contrastwith. 

How to Convert a Databsimilare to Access 2010 Format

The steps to modifying an MDB file pattern to ACCDB Databsimilare file pattern are:

openness Microlow-pitched Access 2010On the File menu, click openness .Select the informationbsimilare you expectation to transfer as well as open it.On the File menu, click Save & Publish.Select Access Databsimilare from the section togivesomeonetheofficialrighttodoorhavesomethingd “Databsimilare File Types.”Click the Save As button.Provide a file identification questions resultined as well as click Save.

When Not to Use the ACCDB Databsimilare

The ACCDB file pattern does not everyoneow replication or applicationr-level security. This means there are occsimilarions in which you advised application the MDB file pattern instead. carryout not application ACCDB pattern clues:

You rely on to share the informationbsimilare with no restrictionsingle who applications Access 2003 or earlierYou rely on to application replicationYou rely on applicationr-level security

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